Guides NSW



Can my daughter attend a meeting before she joins?


A girl can see with a Guide Unit for two weeks if Guiding is the right thing for her while she decides. After that time, she has to join Guides NSW and proceed on attending.

My mother used to be in scout – Are they still around?

Absolutely, nevertheless they could have an alternate name. All female aged from 5 to 18 are called Guides NSW, and individual members can pick a respective name for their Unit, so they might be called Brownie Guides NSW, or Dolphin Guides NSW, or Adventure Guides NSW or whatever they choose.

I reside in a distant place. Can I be a Guide?

Sure thing. There are unique Guide Components called Lones designed only for you. The girls in these Units have assemblies via e-mail and post, with occasional get-togethers for action days and camps

Are there any lads in Guides NSW?

Guiding NSW is an all-female organisation from top to underside. Research indicates that girls perform better and have more chances in an all-girl environment..

My daughter has a handicap – Would my daughter be able to join Guides NSW?

Guide NSW welcomes girls with disabilities, depending on the character and also the Leader’s ability of the incapacity. Our Special Needs Adviser will work with you to find the very best chances for your daughter.

Can I join Guides NSW do I need to wait until the start of Period 1 or at any time of year?

It’s possible for you to join whenever you enjoy. Your membership certainly will fall due on that date every year, and commences from the exact date of joining.

My daughter is quite interested in Guides NSW but doesn’t talk much English. Can she still join?

Directing would be an excellent spot for your daughter make new friends in an everyday environment and to combine with other girls. The Leaders are pleased to assist your daughter understand what’s needed while expanding her English abilities too.

I am not certain I’ve time to be a Component Leader, although I want to join as an adult member. Is there anything else?

Absolutely. In case that you are under 40, you might want at which you may find many Directing chances with other young women to join up with the Olave Program. In addition, there are a wide range of support functions accessible for girls of all ages. We will place you in reach with all the Area Leader in your place who’ll assist you in finding the most effective alternative.