Guides NSW


The Australian Guide Program offers the basis for a great many Guide components to build on. The principles stay the same, while tasks may differ between units.

Self, physical, Individuals, Practical, Self Physical, Individuals, Practical

They’re further broken down into six essential elements, which collectively recognize and kids actions and Directing:

Guarantee and Law

Through Law and the Promise, Directing offers a philosophy for living to women and girls.

Patrol System

The Patrol offers girls closer friendships as well as a greater awareness of belonging, together with chances to acquire abilities in direction and teamwork.


Directing offers girls a chance get an appreciation for the natural world and to learn more about the outside. The outside additionally offers challenges and experience to help girls develop assured and powerful.

World Directing

Girls learn about Guides in other nations, helping break down prejudices and develop international friendships. Girls also have chances to travel abroad to Directing occasions.

Directing Customs

The sense of ritual and history improves the sensation of belonging to something significant and helps girls to get the significance of custom in our society.


Finally, we expect that girls who pass through Directing can develop their leadership abilities, so they can play with a confident, responsible part in community, workplace and their family.