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Girl Guides Cooking More Than Cookies

t is true that the bar has been raised, culinarily speaking, not only for Girl Guides, but Brownies too. Even, our male counterparts at the Cubs and Scouts, are getting into the kitchen and getting down to work with spatulas and wooden spoons. Aprons are on and ovens are preheating, as we speak. The Country Women’s Association (CWA) cookbooks are out and being joined by our own tomes: The Girl Guides’ Blueprints for Brownies, Chefs With Social Spirit, and Recipes From the Moral Higher Ground. Girl Guides are cooking more than cookies to meet the demand for more sophisticated dining.

Girl Guides Cooking More Than Cookies

Australian children and their parents are pushing the envelope, when it comes to cooking with gas in the twenty first century. ANZAC biscuits, Weetabix and other Aussie culinary icons are under pressure to maintain their preeminent place in the culinary Hall of Fame. Many are pointing the finger at TV shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules for undermining the wholesome simplicity of our Australian children’s appetites. These epicurean monstrosities have corrupted the culinary desires of our kiddies. Bringing in French and other Mediterranean influences to things like Vegemite sandwiches.

Where are we as a nation going to turn to when our children are demanding things like aioli on their bacon and egg butties, pulled pork on the barby, and Tabasco on their KFC? This country has been built on the back of culinary pillars like: Coleslaw, sliced white bread with hundreds and thousands, Lamingtons, and the sausage sizzle. Now, young people are dreaming about cooking in luxury kitchens thanks to Australian TV shows like Masterchef. We are fast losing our Spartan, surf lifesaving, Zinc cream and a banana approach to living. Aussie kids used to be content with a bicycle wheel, a peg and some cardboard.

Kids in the kitchen whipping up a soufflé, a risotto, and enjoying culinary choices like flambé offal with a red wine jus. Slow cooking and casseroles have replaced fast foods, where are we heading as a nation, I ask you? Companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC have seriously let us down. Red Rooster and Dominos have dropped the chicken wing and need to have a good hard look at themselves. The Girl Guides cooking more than cookies and are, now, fundraising with  culinary choices like pickled lemons, quinoa bars, sea vegetable snacks and kimchee balls. Sugar and carbs are out, and exotic ethnic vegetables are in.